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:: All Clad 8inch Fry Pan SS

All-clad cookware has a unique triple-ply bonded construction. Pure aluminum core sandwiched in between two layers of stainless steel not only covers the bottom of the pan but also extends up the sides. This allows for great heat conductivity as well as an even heat distribution so you won’t have “hot spots” when cooking. The cooking surface is made of 18/10 stainless steel with beautifully polished magnetic stainless exterior layer. Long, polished stainless, stay cool handles on your All-Clad are secured with sturdy, non-corrosive rivets. Polished stainless steel lids that fit even with the pan’s edges to seal in the flavor of your foods.
Size: 8inch x 1 7/8inch
Code: 5108
Made in the USA

Price: $99.99
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