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10-piece Shun Classic Deluxe Knife Set
catalog/1_10-piece Shun Classic Deluxe Knife Set.jpg

Our Price: $1019.99

2014 Blade Show Winner - Shun Dual Core - Kiritsuke 8in
catalog/2_Shun Dual Core - Kiritsuke 8in.jpg

Our Price: $359.95

2-piece Shun Classic Carving Set
catalog/3_2-piece Shun Classic Carving Set.jpg

Our Price: $305.99

2-piece Shun Premier Carving Set
catalog/4_2-piece Shun Premier Carving Set.jpg

Our Price: $369.99

3-piece Premier Knife Set From Shun
catalog/3-piece Premier Knife Set From Shun.jpg

Our Price: $439.95

4-piece Shun Classic Knife Set

Our Price: $369.99

4-piece Shun Classic Steak Knife Set
catalog/4-piece Shun Classic Steak Knife SetTH.jpg

Our Price: $350.99

4-piece Shun Premier Steak Knife set
catalog/4-piece Shun Premier Steak Knife set.jpg

Our Price: $479.00

5-piece Shun Classic Knife Set

Our Price: $429.99

6-piece Shun Premier Knife Set

Our Price: $599.99

7-piece Premier Knife Block Set

Our Price: $839.99

7-piece Shun Classic Knife Set

Our Price: $599.99

9-piece Premier Gourmet Knife Block Set

Our Price: $1119.99

A Special Offer - Premier 6inch Chef Knife

Our Price: $144.99

A Special Offer - Shun Classic 7inch Asian Chef's knife

Our Price: $134.99

A Special Offer - Shun Classic 8inch Chef Knife Extra Wide
catalog/Shun Classic 8inch Chef knife wide.jpg

Our Price: $149.99

A Special Offer -3-piece Shun Classic Knife Set
catalog/3-piece Shun Classic Knife Set.jpg

Our Price: $335.99

Hinoki Large Cutting Board from Japan

Our Price: $98.99

Premier 10inch Chef Knife
catalog/Premier 10inch Chef Knife.jpg

Our Price: $251.99

Premier 4inch Paring Knife
catalog/Premier 4inch Paring Knife.jpg

Our Price: $143.99

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